Genius RS-A

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Genius RS-A

Genius RS-A is the best basic cutting table on the market and the ideal solution to take the first step towards more automated production.

Genius RS-A is a table that offers the same technological solutions as those used in automatic lines of the big industry.

Genius RS-A is a solution that maintains a high cutting precision over time, guaranteeing the return on investment and becoming one of the technological centers of the glass workshop.

The idea behind the project is to put the medium and small glassmakers in a position to work with the same technological level of industrial groups, guaranteeing a level of reliability without precedent over time.


  •   Compact and ergonomic thanks to its very small size
  •   Unprecedented lasting reliability
  •   Excellent cutting precision
  •   Absolute flexibility of machining for cutting flat glass (float), vinyl, low-E layer removal
  •   Intuitive software easy to use.
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