INTERMAC: Machinery for processing stone and glass: Tables and Cutting lines (monolithic and laminated), Work Center (horizontal and vertical), Bilaterals, CNC with Water Jet.

ELEPHANT: Lifting equipment for manipulation in plant and work of glass, marble, steel and wood plates.

RIAL: Glass tools.

SCHIATTI ANGELO: Machinery for polished glass.

BOVONE: Machinery for processing glass: edging, chamfering machines and variable angles. Silver and LAMINATE Lines.

JANBAC: Industrial drills.

NEPTUN: Glass processing machinery.

MOLE MORESCHI:  Glass grinding wheels.

OPTIMA: Software for glass production plant. Cutting Optimizer, etc.

Creative Resins Europe: Painting on resin base for glass. Drying in cold. Can be machined.

FORM Industrie: Machinery for processing aluminum and PVC.

COMALL (Group FOM): Machinery for Aluminum and PVC, also has presses.

ANUDAL: caffolding and joints for aluminum systems.

TREMCO: Silicones (structural, climatic, neutral), structural tape, flexible separator Glass Chamber (thermocouple, DVH).

DYNAMIKI: Sand blasting machines (Greece).

DIP-TECH: Digital Printers.

HH-INTELLITECH: Handling equipment for glass installation on site.

GRACO: Silicone Injection Molding Machines.

MARVAL: Double Glazing Lines.

OCS Glass - Schiavo: Glass Minor Machinery.

Laminated Oven: PUJOL: